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Sacred Tantra Snuggle Puja Party with Zensuality

Sacred Tantric Snuggle Puja

Sacred Tantric Snuggle Puja

During this Sacred Tantric Snuggle Puja, allow yourself the pleasure of giving and receiving sensual energy within a safe, sacred and touch positive environment. Through sensual exercises such as eye gazing, orgasmic breath work, massage (non-genital) and sensual dance, you will be able to connect deeply with yourself as well as others within the group.

With playful flirting, joy, laughter and maybe even a few tears experience the softening of any barriers around your heart and open pathways to receive more love and experience greater intimacy.

Allow your heart to open by connecting the energy of your sacred sex center with that of your heart center – connecting your Sexuality with your Spirituality.

Heart centered sexuality is the doorway to self knowing, expanded awareness and unconditional love.

6:30 – Doors Open

6:45 – Opening Circle, Introductions, Dos and Don’ts
No one will be allowed in after 6:45. Please arrive by 6:30. 

7:15 – Sensual Exercises

8:00 – Snuggle Time/Puppy Pile

9:15 – Closing Circle 

Light refreshments will be provided as well as some yummy aphrodisiac desserts. 

What to Wear
Wear clothing that is comfortable and makes you feel sexy. That will vary from person to person. Yoga clothes are comfy and sexy PJs are great too. Please, no teddies, G strings or skirts.
This is not a nude event.

What to Bring
For your snuggling comfort, feel free to bring a comfy pillow or blanket.

Who Should Come 
The Tantric Snuggle Puja is for both singles and couples, men as well as women.
Those who join should be open minded as well as open hearted. You should be open to giving and receiving energy from both women and men.

How to Prepare
Please come showered and clean with NO strong smelling perfumes. Breath mints are encouraged, chewing gum is not. No drugs or alcohol. Garlic and onions are discouraged.

Cost: $25
Payments must be made through online to reserve your space.

I will not be accepting payments at the door.

I’m looking forward to experiencing this amazing sensual journey with you.