July 15-21
Brushwood Folklore Center
8881 Bailey Hill Rd. Sherman NY 14781

Zensuality and The Artist Dream would like to invite you to one of the most amazing festivals of the year…Sirius Rising at Brushwood Folklore Center. With over 150 workshops…Sirius Rising offers a workshop for everyone.

The daily workshops include Belly Dance, African Dance, Fire Dancing/Spinning, Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Chi Kung, Drumming & Didgeridoo instruction, Body Painting, Herbal Medicine, Nature Walks, Shamanism, Paganism, Creating Sacred Space, Voodou, Elemental Rituals at Sacred Shrines dedicated to Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit and Sweat Lodge.
The various workshops create a nurturing web of community connection, supporting you along your spiritual path.

The magic comes alive during the evenings when you can let loose and get your party on at amazing concerts and the nightly drum and dance circle around the bonfire that takes place from dusk till dawn at the Round House…Truly an amazing experience!

If you chose to just mellow out for the evening, you’ll find the perfect atmosphere at the Didge Dome. Musicians gather around a fire circle and play didgeridoo, flute, harp and quiet drumming as dancers dance around the fire.The music is perfect for meditation and trance dancing.

Brushwood Folklore Center is a Pagan, Clothing Optional campground located in Sherman, NY. It features large camping areas in the open field or in the woods, swimming pool, hot tub and warm showers. Brushwood offers a true sense of community and family.

Zensuality will be hosting Sound Bath Meditations, Tantra Yoga and Tantric Massage Workshops in The Zensuality Hut. The Hut will be open to those who would like a quiet place to meditate or do yoga during the day.

The Artist Dream will be sharing an amazing soul vibrating black light performance with musicians playing Didgeridoo, Singing Bowls, Djembe and Shakere and dancers sharing elecrifying Zensual Trance Dance during our July 19th, Friday evening performance at Sirius Rising.


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