Zensual Yoga (Yoga in the Buff!)

Zensual Yoga

When: Friday  see Events for dates & times

Where: New York City see Events for location

Naked yoga class

Naked yoga class

Nudity is mandatory.
Cost of class $25.

 Naked Yoga

This naked yoga class is a combination of Kundalini and Vinyasa yoga. This is a naked yoga class. Practicing yoga in the buff will increase your awareness and facilitate the awakening of the dormant, potential energy (Kundalini) that lies at the base of the spine. Practicing nude yoga will greatly deepen and intensify your experience of yoga.

The candlelit class will have incense burning and be accompanied by live musicians playing softly in the background creating the ideal sacred space. A 15 minute meditation will conclude the one hour class. Join us after class for tea and conversation.

Please bring your own mat, a towel, a bottle of water and ID. We do have some mats to loan but you will need to cover it with your towel or clothes

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate. If a few of you are too shy to RSVP you can just drop in and we will squeeze you in.

Sound healing in naked yoga class

Sound healing in naked yoga class


Vibrational healing is part of the Yoga Class
Featuring Didgeridoo and African Drums & Balaphone


Naked Yoga & Sound Bath Meditation from Zensuality on Vimeo.


19 thoughts on “Zensual Yoga (Yoga in the Buff!)

  1. Zen

    Hi Frank,
    There is no yoga class tonight at Wooster St.
    I am having a Sound Bath Meditation (NUDE) at The Sixth Street Community Center 638 E. 6th St. bet. Ave. B and Ave. C. Arrive at 7 we start at 7:30. Hope you can make it . $20 online (until 5pm) and $25 at the door.

  2. Beriot R. Dellale

    Isew your class on the video and did like it. Iwill try this for my first time tonight at your Zen studio. Best regards, Beriot R. Dellale

    1. Beriot R. Dellale

      Do I need to pay first or when I go to class, please let me know when the next class is so that I can pay for the class. Thank You

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