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IMHO intent could be the arbiter of whether something is internet spam or not.

IMHO intent could be the arbiter of whether something is internet spam or not.

Take the above mentioned having a pinch of salt as I am obviously in “thick plonker mode” today as I can’t add up 3+9 if you disagree. 2nd time lucky? ??

Yes Matt i will be aggree along with your conclusion nothing is like this an eye that is human perhaps not recognize the what type is forced or non-normal website link and what type is normal website website link based on quality. Then a designer & programmer can easily put some road map to implement this logic into a robot program if human eye can identify.

Thing is the fact that there are lots of property website they envolved in such a link sharing or link buying scheme that any worthwhile or quality web site is ever going to show up untill internet search engine robot logic are certain to get changed. These web web site are sharing website website website link between much talked about site however the user that is usual begin to see the better web site are on web web web page 30.

I suppose age limitation on website is finished kill and put good individuals to death before they also show up. See good idea is evolving everyday ( Google can be section of that), when we will likely not in a position to provide the opportunity to good concept an internet publicity due to age limitation, they’re not going to be able have the admiration with time and they’ll perish because not enough publicity they will not be able get the appreciation in time and they will die because lack of exposure due to age restriction whenever we will unable to offer a opportunity to good concept a internet publicity as a result of age limitation. Continue reading