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Bing Doc Qualities You Don’t Know Existed (But Completely Should)

Bing Doc Qualities You Don’t Know Existed (But Completely Should)

A couple of years ago, I found an article that told me I was using paper ketchup cups all wrong as I was scrolling mindlessly through my Facebook News Feed.

It turns out you are expected to fan out of the relative sides associated with glass to boost ketchup ability, similar to this. Whom knew? Well, not long ago i used that feeling of adventure to some other thing we love — Bing Docs. And what I discovered had been in the same way life-changing.

Yes, you might have been utilizing Bing Docs for years, but simply when I discovered, you can find most likely several helpful features you’ve got yet to discover. For instance, do you are known by you can try a document’s entire modification history to find out that which was changed so when?

Listed below are 21 sweet features Bing Docs has to provide which are not on lots of people’s radar.

Bing Docs Features

  1. Include Fonts
  2. Templates
  3. Table of Contents Sidebar
  4. Make or Remove Headers
  5. Clear Formatting
  6. Develop a Folder
  7. The Study Tool
  8. Suggesting Mode
  9. Feedback
  10. Footnotes
  11. Find and change
  12. Modification History
  13. Voice Typing
  14. Keyboard Shortcuts
  15. Make Your Own Shortcuts
  16. Conference Phone Telephone Phone Calls
  17. Image Modifying
  18. Dictionary
  19. Language buttons that are accent
  20. Add a brand new Web Page
  21. Insert Today’s Date

1. Include Fonts

Whenever you create a fresh document, Bing Docs begins you off with nearly two dozen indigenous fonts it is possible to select from making use of the dropdown list on your own top modifying toolbar. Continue reading