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Hookup community is a culture of Shame

Hookup community is a culture of Shame

— maybe perhaps Not Shame for many who Want Sex, but Shame if you Want More?

For years and years, intercourse had been taboo — especially for females. It absolutely was a scarlet letter, an antithesis to purity that is virginal. It was reserved for whorehouses and straight right back rooms where urges and desires were a supply of shame. Intercourse was scandalous. The normal urge that is human leap each other’s bones had been built to feel unnatural and gross (at the very least without a wedding permit).

But, as AP English Lit students will be very happy to hear, modern society has arrived a considerable ways from Hester Prynne. We just just take pride when you look at the proven fact that we liberate both women and men from conventional sex functions and antique objectives of propriety. Continue reading