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24 Celebrity Sex Addicts – Self-confessed or rumored because of the news

24 Celebrity Sex Addicts – Self-confessed or rumored because of the news

For anyone individuals who have some type of sex addiction and therefore are searching for a good guide to intercourse addiction therapy and data recovery, remember you’re perhaps not alone. You will find superstars that appear to be intercourse addicts, if you think the media.

These 24 movie stars have actually all been known as as intercourse addicts by the news at one point or any other and they’ve since addressed the angry rumors about their supposedly uncontrollable urges. All of them declare that reporters misquoted or misconstrued their individual circumstances in purchase in order to make more shocking headlines. Some had therapy or examined in to rehab making headlines for supposedly being totally dependent on intercourse, therefore much so which they required help that is professional.

Refuting the stories, these a-listers all say they’ve never really been intercourse addicts after all.

Wilt Chamberlain: In 1991, the NBA that is late player his 2nd autobiography, A View from Above. It absolutely was in this biography that is detailed Chamberlain advertised he previously intercourse with 20,000 ladies. ENDURE! Let’s perform some mathematics right here. Because of this to be real, good ol’ Wilt would have experienced to own intercourse with over nine females per week, beginning with the tender chronilogical age of 15 continuing for 40 years. Ain’t nobody touching this man’s record.

Michael Douglas: into the early 1990s Douglas had been labelled a “sex-addict” by their ex-wife and desired therapy in a l . a . hospital. It’s been widely stated that their present spouse, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones’s will get a “straying fee” if Douglas ? a self-confessed “recovering sex-addict” ? cheats on the. Sweet.

Robbie Williams: The singer has admitted to resting with countless contact girls and in addition has bedded a wide range of fans. Williams, who’s got dated a sequence of celebrities including Nicole Kidman and Rachel Hunter, states he couldn’t get a handle on himself on pair of their ‘Come Undone’ video clip where he could be observed in sleep with two porn movie movie movie stars: “I became thinking a few of the intercourse material in there ought to be performed. Continue reading