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André Pinto I’ve had constantly an experience that is bad only children.

André Pinto I’ve had constantly an experience that is bad only children <a href=""></a>.

I presently live with one, and every thing needs to be their method, he could be constantly right, he’s selfish, disrespectful of other’s area and annoying as hell. Every just son or daughter I know is type of spoiled. Possibly I’ve had an experience that is bad and I also understand it differs in accordance with the training provided, but being an only child sure assists in developing those characteristics.

Chay White

U agree with you too. We have a child that is only. She’s a mess in certain cases.

By the end for the I love her and glad I have just one child day.


The only you may be presently living with, in my opinion, has more mental dilemmas than becoming a child that is only. I would personally actually appreciate in the event that you didn’t genuinely believe that being a child that is only in developing selfishness. My moms and dads had been divorced, my father passed away year that is last my mother is having lots of trouble economically. Please don’t assume we have been all spoiled. I will be a child that is only my moms and dads couldn’t manage another youngster. I’m perhaps not spoiled. Many Many Thanks. Sorry about your space mate.

Ric Johnson

My partner is an only son or daughter, her mom are too damn clingy one to the other my child can be an only kid hate to express it love her but clingy, despite the fact that her mother virtually runs her life we can’t also enjoy some only time without her stressing the snot away from us, each time we go out she’s calling her. Continue reading