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Greek hierarchs’ protest grows against anti-Christian intercourse education

Greek hierarchs’ protest grows against anti-Christian intercourse education

Protest and unrest keeps growing in Greece against brand new directives decreasing through the Ministry of Education to “eradicate intimate prejudice” and “homophobia and transphobia” through a unique education program that is leftist. As formerly reported, Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus has sent a protest epistle to Minister of Education Konstantinos Gavroglou.

As reports, a number of other Greek hierarchs are speaking away also from the corruption of Greek youth.

Metropolitan Ephraim of Hydra emphasized that the Orthodox Church will not and cannot buy into the ministry’s directive, and called on moms and dads to protest and will not enable kids to attend such “lessons.”

Metropolitan Paul of Glyfada argued why these “lessons in sodomy” are certainly perhaps not random or accidental, recalling the Greek Deputy Minister of Education’s statements at a Thessaloniki homosexual parade that “students should be aware that diversity in intimate orientation is really a treasure never to be ashamed of.”

Vladyka has additionally urged moms and dads and instructors to protest this system which include presenting workshops and “experiential workouts” on biological and gender that is social deconstructing gendered stereotypes, and homophobia and transphobia in culture and schools to 12-15 year olds, Romfea reports.

He additionally notes that the program that is new to incorporate talks about intimate behavior and sexual relations, analyses of phallic symbols, conversations on “sexuality in adolescence,” including topics like the emergence of sex, sexual activity, expressions of sex, sexual identities, etc, and a task by which pupils ought to gather in a notebook all abusive terms and expressions they hear or will find in news. Continue reading