What is Zensuality?

 Create Balance, Transformation and Greater Intimacy

in your Life by Tapping into your Sexual Energy

Zensuality is a spiritual awakening that concerns all aspects of our life and our responsibility to maintain our bodies and our environment in a Loving and Sacred Space.

We offer classes on Sacred Sexuality including Zensual Dance classes, where men & women can connect with their sensuality through dances and exercises that tap into the dormant kundalini energy (sexual energy) at the base of the spine.

Come to Zensual Yoga and practice yoga in the buff! Both the Zensual Yoga and Zensual Dance classes have live musicians playing. The yoga class is a combination of Vinyasa and Kudalini Yoga and includes a meditation at the end of class.

Zensuality also offers NYC’s only Drum and Dance Circles that are clothing optional during which you can dance naked around an indoor fire pit! This drum circle is offered monthly and is not too be missed!

Our Zensual Meditations are also nude and clothing optional. In our Zensual Kitchen class you will learn to prepare yummy, healthy vegetarian and raw food meal and aphrodisiacs that will increase your sexual energy as well as nourish your body mind and soul.

Look out for our Zensuality Outdoors’ trips to nude beaches as well as resorts that embrace naturism and sensuality. Our retreats include nude yoga, dance and meditation classes as well as Tantric massage, food prep classes, amazing performances and awesome drum circles in beautiful clothing optional naturist resorts.

Zensual Massage
Tantric massage classes for couples

Zensual Yoga
Yoga in the buff. Come enjoy our nude yoga class. Zensual Yoga is a combination of Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga. Practice Zensual Yoga in a sacred candlelit space while live musicians softly play in the background.

Zensual Meditation
Clothing optional and nude meditation

Zensual Dance

Embrace your sensuality with movements that allow you to express freedom, love and joy.
Zensual Dance is a celebration of feminine energy. The energy that flows within every woman. Zensual Dance combines graceful, flowing arm and upper body movements, hip rotations and undulations and breathing exercises that balance and release the sexual energy in the root chakra. Fun and playful movements will allow your sexual energy to rise towards your heart chakra and permeate your entire being creating a space for you to experience joy and love more deeply. Live didgeridoo and djembe drumming.

Zensual Drum and Dance Circle
Come drum and dance at our clothing optional drum circle! Grab your drum and instruments or just bring yourself and let us celebrate life and honor those who have crossed the veil through drumming and dancing.

Zensual Kitchen
Learn to prepare exotic aphrodisiacs and healthy vegetarian raw and live food meals that not only increase your sex drive but also nourish your mind, body and spirit.


2 thoughts on “What is Zensuality?


    enthralling we all know that we all r born naked, natural healing is the essence of life yet we all believe that wearing apparels will create civilisation in different forms, millions of years ago human beings lived in woods, today we live in cities, but frankly we live an artificial life. If u follow one thing why one religion gives importance to fire & another to karmas, only because these utilities helped us in many ways to set up our families & open civilised worlds doors, so haven;t we gave back what we never owned? it is a mark of respect religopusly I don’t feel ashamed of being nude as we all were born nude!! including nude yogasanas & meditation, it is our mind that plays its role in believing about a form (body is a form) but truth is spirit (soul) inside is truly pure not the body.


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