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Zensual Yoga (Yoga in the Buff!)
Warshaw Studio

Zensual Yoga When: 7:45 PM Friday NOVEMBER 14

Where: Warshaw Studio Nudity is mandatory. Cost of class $20.   This yoga class is a combination of Kundalini and Vinyasa yoga. This a naked yoga class. Practicing yoga in the buff will increase your awareness and facilitate the awakening of the dormant, potential energy (Kundalini) that [More Info]

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Zensual Massage for Couples

Sunday, June 29 at 3:30pm - 6:30pm

Zensual massage is a whole body massage that opens up another world of sensual pleasure. Massage is transformed into a meditation between lovers during which the energy of the giver and the receiver is harmonized, deepening your connection, heightening your senses and increasing sensual pleasure. Join a small group of like minded couples and learn []

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Summer Solstice
Sound Bath Meditation (NUDE)

June 22 7:00-8:30 PM

Join us within a sacred space for a guided sound vibrational healing meditation. Allow the vibrations of the didgeridoo & the singing bowls along your breath work and intent to clear any energetic blockages within your chakras and draw only Love and Abundance towards you. []

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YONIVERSE...Celebration of the
Divine Feminine

When: 8:00 PM Friday April 18

Come join us in this celebration of The Divine Feminine! This amazing Black Light performance honors the Healer, The Intuitive, The Nurturer, and the Sensuality within every Woman. This is a magical time when the Sacred Feminine energy is reawakening within each of us, transforming our world into Harmony and Sacred Union. Body painted dancers […]

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Spring Equinox Sound Bath Meditation (NUDE)


The Spring Equinox is a time of celebration, spiritual awakening and creativity. Join us for an evening of sound vibrational healing as we head out of the darkness and welcome the light.


MARCH 23 - 6:30PM

During this guided, clothes free, sound vibrational healing meditation, we will focus on bringing balance and harmony to our mind/body/spirit by activating and balancing the […]

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Valentine's Day Zensual Massage for Couples

Zensual massage is a whole body massage that opens up another world of sensual pleasure.
Massage is transformed into a meditation between lovers during which the energy of the giver and the receiver is harmonized, deepening your connection, heightening your senses and increasing sensual pleasure. Join a small group of like minded couples and learn [MORE]

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Valentine’s Tantra Yoga for Couples

Valentine’s Tantra Yoga for Couples Tantra yoga is one of the best ways to experience a deeper sensual and spiritual connection with your partner.
Together, you and your partner will increase your intuitive awareness of each other and experience a meditative trance through movement, breath and sound vibrational healing. Tantra Yoga enables you and your [MORE INFO]

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Winter Solstice Sound Bath Meditation (NUDE)

Solstice Night is known as the longest night of the year. Traditionally, during this time we celebrate the “rebirth” of the sun and the longer days that would follow. It is a wonderful time to go deeper within, and to set your intentions and goals for the upcoming year. During this guided, sound vibrational healing [More]

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RAW Aphrodisiac Holiday Desserts

November 16 @ 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Alphabet City Sanctuary
638 6th Street New York,

Come and learn how to prepare classic holiday desserts that are raw, vegan, delicious and nutritious. These recipes are perfect for Thanksgiving through to New Year’s Eve. During this class Zen and John will demonstrate how to prepare yummy desserts that contain various aphrodisiacs that stimulate an increase in sensitivity and a rise in sexual [For More Info and to Register]

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Sacred Dance and Movement & The Evolution of Consciousness

Please join us at the META Center NY
Thursday, Sept. 26th 2013 for

Sacred Dance and Movement & The Evolution of Consciousness

Zen Marie Holmes,Tammy Burstein and Maryanne Savino will be discussing the connection between spirituality and movement ….There will be dance demonstrations as well. ***Not to be missed!!!*** Spread the word and the love!!! We’ll […]

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Autumn Equinox Sound Bath Meditation (NUDE)

September 20th 2013 6:30PM
Sixth Street Community Center
638 E 6th St # 4, New York, NY

The Autumn Equinox is a time of balance between night and day, a balance between light and dark and a time of balancing and harmonizing the masculine and feminine energy within us. Traditionally, it is a time when we may [more]

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Zensuality @ EVOLVEFEST 2013!

I’d like to invite you to join me at one of the


Evolvefest celebrates the boundless power of the creative human spirit and brings together over 100 Bands, Yoga Instructors, Visionary Artists, Guest Speakers, Wisdom-Keepers and thousands from the global community in a vibrant exchange of charged-energy and [More Info]

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July 15-21

Brushwood Folklore Center 8881 Bailey Hill Rd. Sherman NY 14781

Zensuality and The Artist Dream would like to invite you to one of the most amazing festivals of the year…Sirius Rising at Brushwood Folklore Center. With over 150 workshops…Sirius Rising offers a workshop for everyone. The daily workshops include Belly [More Info]

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Aquarian Age Drum & Dance Circle

Zensuality and The Artist Dream are proud to offer New York City’s only drum and dance circles that are clothing optional. You are free to dance completely nude or in a sarong and beads or fully clothed if you like. It’s up to you. The circle is open to Drummers, Didjeridoo Players, Hang Drum, Flute [...]

More Info & Buy Ticket

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Active Naturists Review

Check out this review of Zensual Yoga by our friend Kirill on his great Naturist Blog: I think New York wouldn’t be New York without some naked yoga classes. In fact, well before moving here, just when I got interested in naturism I got across Hot Nude Yoga videos of Aaron Star school and [...]

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Summer Solstice Sound Bath Meditation (NUDE)

Summer Solstice Sound Bath (NUDE)

June 14th 2013

Sixth Street Community Center 638 E 6th St. Ste B, New York, New York 10009

The word Solstice comes from the Latin word “sol sistere” which means “sun stand still”. The sun indeed seems to stand still, making this day the longest day of the year. Many in the northern hemisphere [...More]


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Zensual Explorationz Tantra Retreat

May 16th-19th
Sunsport Gardens
Naturist Resort
Loxahatchee, Florida

Welcome to Zensual Explorationz Tantra Retreat During the retreat we will focus on tapping into our sexual energy and the movement of that energy throughout the body. Integrating our emotional, physical and spiritual selves through yoga, meditation, dance and sound vibrational healing. We will explore various ways to bring pleasure and bliss to ourselves and [...]   Click Here for more Details

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Message of Love Presented by The Artist Dream

Get ready to engage your heart and soul with The Artist Dream Family event at the Yippie Cafe. We will collectively bore through the illusion of separation with ground breaking Didgeridoo Mystic Vibrations, along with Steven Bachmann's Whaling Gongs stirring up ancestral magic as HannaH's Field Drums, Bass and Rhythm Guitars interlace with Kevin Nathaniel's Shakere & Mbira. Alchemist Trombonist Ben Gerstein and Electronic Master Giana will be in the mix, setting the stage for the amazing kindred dancers -Zen Marie Holmes of Zensuality and Zahava Love Making Dances . These Fierce Goddesses will emotionally influence your chakras as they flash their shape shifting Mind-Body on the dance floor.

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The Artist Dream presents Message of Love - Naked Black Light Dance

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  1. Leon Crowley

    I really love your class because it’s freeing and uplifting and the energy is always positive and it’s done in such a pleasant atmosphere. And there there are family and friends, no strangers ,no outcasts. It’s a Spiritual gathering of the hearts.

  2. Anonymous

    Your Zensuality nude yoga is spiritual, metaphysical. You feel a vibe, a bond, with your fellow practitioners in a way I don’t get when everyone is clothed in designer gym wear. It’s a little erotic, putting it out there, but it feels generous and loving, not letcherous in the least. Could you get a hardon? Maybe, but not if you’re hitting all your positions and sweating your ass off. When you look at yourself in the altogether, you certainly remain body conscious so you keep the core working and posture proper. God bless everyone who attends and adds to the experience.


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